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You are Your Business

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

On the Entrepreneurial Journey it can be easy to lose sight of the reasons for starting out. Adjusting quickly and readjusting, priorities revolve and the main focus can quickly fall to the side.

With ideas in a tornado like storm, how do we bring a sense of peace to it all.

Guanxi uncovers 1 simple tip to bear in mind along the rocky road.

You are Your Business

You have most certainly heard the term, "you are what you eat". A saying not to be taken lightly. The golden words that should be at the pinnacle of every entrepreneurs mind.

Its a simple case of what you put in is what shall come out. Rising to the occasion to be at the forefront of your beliefs, requires you to go the extra mile.

At times you may wonder, why are things not working as you had hoped or planned.

It may simply be a case of uncertainty.

When leading a ship you don't just leave it to the waves to take you to where you want to go.

You stand firm and put your heart on the line to overcome the beast.

Starting out with reminding yourself daily " I AM MY BUSINESS"

There is no separating what you have already manifested.

Going beyond self motivation, to see results you really need to align all within to go that distance.

Here is a few pointers below to get you started

Living as your business

Living as your business means visualising where you see your company, and how you would like others to perceive your brand. Once you have this vision you need to act out on it.

Make a start by being more conscious of your holistic health. Not only what you eat, but conscious of your surroundings, the conversations you indulge in.

Many of us may make attempts at toxins in foods, not realising the multiple toxins that surround our daily lives. Often difficult to determine it can readily be these aspects of life that can create hurdles.

Though hurdles are good and allow us to grow, we would find ourselves moving a exponential speed cutting these elements out of our lives.

Anything that does not align with your visualisation should be cut out or at least an attempted effort to avoid.

Here is a list of a few key things to try:

• Toxic Foods

• Being around people that do not project your growth

• Try a language fast (cutting negative words out of your speech)

• Meditating

• Having a time out in the Sun

• Speaking out daily and writing down your goals

• Self care and carrying yourself with pride

• Understanding that events effect emotions and emotions effect our decisions

• Reading more

• Listening more and speaking less

Comment below and leave some of you ideas, how you can better carry yourself as your business.

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