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Where to place your attention#entrepreneurship

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If your somewhere along your entrepreneurial journey, you will be accustom to pushing yourself beyond limits you may not have known you could.

It may be difficult to communicate with your peers about these hurdles, as its not always easy to illustrate your perception when describing this journey, especially to those that may be employees.

No matter the circumstances you face along this road, its very important and beneficial to "Pay Attention to What You're Paying Attention To!"

Like myself you will be familiar with friends and family talking about the awful dealings of the world. More so then ever, bad news spreads fast and is continually recycled wherever you look. During this current crisis it's news that cannot be avoided. Now more than ever, there is a pressure along with persecution to follow as others do, by consuming constantly the regurgitated negative information.

When I occasionally do listen to what's around me its almost impossible to not feel like everything is negative and unhappy, this feeling can easily within the blink of an eye effect my day. When in reality life is truly amazing and we have a lot more to be thankful for especially during this time.

I came to realise that every day we have a choice, we can focus on negative and in doing so let it control our thoughts. Only resulting in worry and depression. Which all to easy becomes very downhill from there. Alternatively we can focus and think about positive things in our lives, positive people, positive events and information around the world.

Generally useful information to consider to all, but its something to really consider as entrepreneurs, where you may need to overcome stagnant stages along your process quicker.

If you have ever listened to Earl Nightingale you hear him quote repeatedly, that "most people don't think". With this in mind as an entrepreneur, in order to move forward with calmness and speed, its essential to make a conscious decision of your choice everyday.

I am not suggesting to ignorantly ignore information that must be taken into consideration, if for example there are rules or guidelines to protect yourselves and others. I must highlight, there is a difference between consciously being aware of information and allowing your mind to be consumed by negative information. Which always leads to fear and anxiety.

In actuality, good and bad always remain, what makes the difference for each of us is what we choose to focus on and think about.

The beauty of life is that we are blessed with the power, to find the good and focus on the positive, along with the joys of life. It's impossible not to be uplifted and motivated through keeping a positive outlook, this can only inspire us to keep moving forward, without dragging our feet, and better equipped to create more good in our world.

Everyday I am challenging myself to reflect on how important it is to keep in mind what I am paying attention to, I am consciously making the effort to notice and appreciate the good in my life. Taking the time to really be grateful for the positive I come across.

I would like to propose this same challenge to you! Try it everyday for 30 days and see the outcome.

Let me know how you get on and your feedback below.

All the Best,


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