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What to expect from Virtual Reality 2020 (part 2)

Your probably wondering, how will the world of VR unravel. With the projection of Virtual Reality taking off and growing exponentially fast, we uncover what to expect.

With the ability to create immersive experience, we can expect to see more use of the virtual medium.

Across the globe, VR is exploding, and 2019 has been a year of progress, new releases, and innovations. Facebook’s Oculus Quest launched, creating more interest in VR than ever and serious momentum across the consumer marketplace.

#1 — Facebook Is Making VR Accessible

What are you expecting from VR in 2020?

According to Michael Boland, Founder & Chief Analyst at ARtillery Intelligence: “The advent of standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest — along with Facebook's investment in the technology and price competition — will make high-end VR accessible to larger audiences. That exposure will push the movement forward for VR as a consumer product and as an industry in 2020.”

#2 — A Gold Mine of Capabilities

What kinds of innovations are you looking forward to in 2020?

According to Matthew Wren, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at BUNDLAR: “Wireless was a big jump, and I'm expecting to see resolution and motion tracking improvements, as well as hopefully some better innovations in haptics. On the user side, I'm not sure how beneficial eye tracking is going to be. But from a Developer and Content Creator’s perspective, the data it produces is a gold mine of capabilities, both for experience optimisation and production of usage metrics.”

#3 — 5G Will Open Up New Possibilities

What are you hoping gets resolved by 2020?

Sarah Hill, CEO & Chief Story Teller at Healium by StoryUP XR, who stated: “VR and AR for health care will take off in 2020 as the VRceutical and ARceutical industry leverages its power as a drugless solution to some existing pharmaceuticals. We will also see more permanent, virtual objects and multi-user experiences emerge with 5G and edge computing.”

What kinds of innovations are you looking forward to in 2020?

“We're looking forward to incorporating more sensor data from consumer wearables into VR and AR experiences. This allows the user to not only passively watch an experience but actually control it with their data that comes from their smartwatch or other wearables. My company is also looking forward to a consumer-friendly set of glasses that allows the user to seamlessly switch between virtual and augmented reality.”

#4 — VR’s Future Is in Education

What you are expecting from virtual reality in 2020?

William Griggs, Founder at VirtualRealityRental.co, who said: “VR technology has quickly found a home in the classroom and I think its use is going to increase in the coming school year. There’s a number of different lessons that can transform the learning experience and students can learn about ancient Roman history or human anatomy up close. This new spin on the educational experience is exciting to think about and we’ve been able to participate in a few programs ourselves.

VR in education can also help outside of the classroom and I hope that universities can use this technology to help recruit prospective students. VR is a great tool for virtually touring college campuses and it’s an engaging activity that shows prospects how innovative and forward-thinking your institution is.”

What Can you Expect from Guanxi Design House

We continue our quest to provide immersive content to help business better tell their stories.

We see XR tools as a useful way to better connect businesses and their audiences.

Though we are currently experiencing scepticism, we see it as normal, anything new can take time to sink in to peoples minds.

If you are interesting in creating immersive content or AR filters drop us a message.

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