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Using video to remotely train your team #videotraining

There has never been a more essential time to keep your team together working in cohesion, An unlikely surprise and sudden struggle, COVID-19 has caused an unexpected shift on work force overall. We are soon to look back on this information as dated, however there is silver lining to our current grey clouds. As we don't know how long the COVID-19 crisis may last, we've complied a piece of value, to keep in consideration currently and once we are through all the chaos.

Looking back along a timeline employee training always had the notion of heavy data, long presentations which several slide explaining the same concept. Not surprisingly this fails to produce genuine team motivation.

Moving along the timeline to now we can enjoy audio and visual experiences to engage teams. Which luckily is a great improvement, one that should be taken advantage of during these times.

It has been scientifically proven that employees retain 75% more information through video in contrast to still images and text.

For us to pick up the pieces and get through together, now would be a good time to see the benefits of remote training.

The sudden shift has caused the scrambling of in-house training and development teams, to find the right solutions. Which is fairly warranted. You may have found yourself here due to being in the exact same position.

Rest assured, it is not all doom and gloom. From our observations, we've seen many of our clients, adjust to remote training by flooding their teams with video links referring to essential development skills. Which is still a great "paper over the crack" method for keeping your team on board. However it would be crucial to consider how long will this be effective.

We have put together 3 important pointers to highlight the benefits of creating personalised video learning.

  • Keeping teams in the know on products and services.

With the proven 75% more retention, not only will you have educational content for your teams to review, and re-review at their leisure, you can effectively bring your team up to speed with development of products and services. This in turn encourages your employees to feel and emphasise that they are an integral part of your operation. Video training not only encourages your team to provide an increased level of customer service, but enables employees to refresh their memory especially if you hold a very large product line.

  • Encouraging Interaction

As we all know, any team is made of uniquely skilled members. Some introverts others extroverts. Therefore it is paramount to create comfortable and healthy communication.

This enables you to tailor your video content for specific needs. Your workforce will then have the freedom to click on parts of content which is most relevant to them. Even making space for team trivia sessions remotely is an effective way to the encourage a more closer knit team.

Guanxi Design House provide great creative solutions for training in-house teams. Enabling you to cut the costs of face-to-face development sessions, while reaping the benefits of an increasing proactive team.

  • Utilise Familiarity with Video Content

No matter your age, we can all agree that we have become accustom to consuming digital content. With this in mind you are able to utilise the power of video to instruct your team on where the company is heading, also incorporating your brand ethos and company culture.

The average employee tends to forget 65% of information learned from a traditional training session. You guessed it! This number only increases over time from the initial training session. A tailored video to bring your teams on board can save you a lot of trouble, rather than rescheduling the same training every 6 months.

Many of your team members will be familiar with bloggers on youtube, famous icons and their personal stories they gravitate towards outside of work. Why not implement the same to increase performance and help your team get on board with your brand identity.

On average, a company typically spends 40% of its training and development budget on funding resources and travel. Video training enables you to carry the savings further into the future.

Before this sudden need for remote resources, you most likely spent 72+ hours putting together a training programme for your team, only to fall on deaf ears.

With video training you can spend 30minutes on acute training, enabling you to design a module which enables you to focus on interacting with your team. With the emphasise on communicating, you will be left with more time to fish out possible challenges ahead. Making sure you have resolved any team queries.

Using video in the place of formal training methods have proven to increase productivity, with this in mind this can be considered a positive outcome of the whole current chaos. Why not bring life to training and make it fun for all.

We are here to help:

  • content creation

  • video streaming assistance

  • module implementation

Let's pick up the pieces together and get through this to the other side.

#workingfromhome #remotetraining #workingremotely #remoteteams

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