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Understanding the World of VR

The Guanxi Virtual Reality Experience

The World of VR can be a lot for some people to get their heads around, like anything new there is always a bubble of scepticism surrounding the unknown.

We have made it our business to know, for the last 6 months Guanxi Design House has made it a paramount task to tackle the world of VR. First we can say that it is a lot of fun.


Guanxi started in graphic design and photography, over the years we have evolved our craft to offer an entire array of creative services tailored to our clients specific needs.

Our ethos has always been to focus on the relationships with our clients and the needs of their businesses. Over time this has pushed us to think and create new ways to engage audiences.

We enjoy venturing into new spaces to understand how can we further harness the powerful tools of creativity to best serve our clients.

With the rise of AI and Virtual Reality, we set upon the task of trying to understand as much as possible. Our process was as follows:

Generally when starting our research we found a substantial amount of information about

VR gaming. Which most possibly is the reason why many see VR as more of a gimmick or a toy for babies.

As it stands VR is being utilised by the gaming industry and has done for a number of years.

The earliest glimpses of VR stemmed from Sega announcing the Sega VR headset for the Sega Genesis console in 1993 at the Consumer Electronics Show in 1993. The wrap-around prototype glasses had head tracking, stereo sound and LCD screens in the visor. Sega fully intended to release the product. However, technical development difficulties meant that the device would forever remain in the prototype phase despite having developed 4 games for this product. This was a huge flop for Sega.

Panoramic paintings

Going further back you can find early beginnings of the push for more realistic visuals in the Battle of Borodino painting by Franz Roubaud.

If we focus more strictly on the scope of virtual reality as a means of creating the illusion that we are present somewhere we are not, then the earliest attempt at virtual reality is surely the 360-degree murals (or panoramic paintings) from the nineteenth century. These paintings were intended to fill the viewer’s entire field of vision, making them feel present at some historical event or scene.

It is truly evident that the quest to submerge the audience into a closer experience, is not one we are the first to embark on. We have taken it upon ourselves to carry on the torch and push the boundaries with VR content creation.


Following our research we started testing out gear, which opened our insight into the information required to really begin understanding VR on a deeper level.

We found the Insta360 Pro most beneficial for our requirements of what we were trying to achieve head to our Guanxi Youtube Channel to View Our Latest Review.

An absolutely beautiful piece of equipment, and so much fun shooting. We spent a few days creating content. Some of which was commissioned and other content for fun.

And its then we were able to see the fruition of our conceptual ideas. We now have the capabilities, and expertise to provide content like no other. We now stand on the horizon as creators of the future.

Rather than tell you we will show you. Follow us on our socials to see our developments, and the creation of legacy.

Leave your comments below...How do you feel about Virtual Reality?

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