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Updated: Mar 2

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Following on from our recent blog post, we continue the list with the top 5 industries adapting the use of virtual and augmented reality. Creating unique experiences innovate ways to improve workforce training, customer experience and engagement.

  1. Advertising & Branding

Marketing has evolved and new methods are leaving traditional ways of marketing in dust. The development of more interactive and persuasive techniques, 360º VR provides new interactive techniques increasing customer acquisitions, through memorable experiences, showcasing how products can add value to their real lives.

Content marketing is enhanced with VR solutions as companies adopt virtual reality to increase engagement.

London's top creative agency with experience in quality virtual reality production, drive successful results for business in creating immersive branding campaigns for growth, with customised VR and AR solutions.

2. Interior Design

Commercial buildings, and any type of construction projects benefit from virtual reality, projects can be visualised in a virtual environment helping examine particular aspects of project stages, including safety considerations, reducing design deviations and testing construction iteratations improving efficiency.

Interior design has been improved to meeting client expectations, with the implementation of AR/VR designers now have the ability to bring designs and rendered models to life, giving clients a real life perspective, replacing regular show rooms saving customers time and pressures of buying decisions.

3. Training and Education

Virtual reality now enables organisation to provide more efficient training while reducing cost of creating and implementing training programmes. New ways that replicate different environments and situations to improve services, and behaviours within an organisation. VR helps to introduce company culture, ethics and best practices for increasing organisation productivity.

There has also been adaptation for military purposes, not only for actionable in field training to better handle dangerous tasks, but mindful training used to improve brain function and the reduction of stress when making decisions.

4. Healthcare

The medical field has already and continues to benefit from VR application, medical staff can now conduct intricate practices for improving required skills. With the opportunity to process life threatening tasks we are witnessing the evolution of all medical staff.

Not only is VR used for workforce training but patients receive the benefits of customised programmes which help with psychological disorders. Helping to reduce anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorders.

5. Communication and Collaboration

With the increase of remote working virtual reality present itself as the saviour for effective communication method, with applications that make meetings, presentations and collaborations effortless

The virtual work environment is helping to improve productivity, and increased retention of information for company training programmes, reducing the cost of many operational costs.

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