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Top 10 Books to Read as an Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

What is one thing the world’s wealthiest people all have in common? 88 percent of them read for at least 30 minutes a day (compared to just two percent of the general population).

If you are ambitious to join the ranks of wealthy entrepreneurs, reading is paramount.

Reading will not only keep your brain sharp, but force you to think in new ways. Applying variable ways of thinking frequently, will enable you to adapt and adjust quickly with practice.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, here are 10 must-read books, recommend by the Guanxi Team..

1. Entrepreneur's Handbook by Harvard Business Review

The HBR Entrepreneur's Handbook act's as a great compass, if your starting from scratch, the Entrepreneur's Handbook will give you the essentials to position your mind for success. Full of case studies and extensive research this book will get your thinking cap in motion.

2. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Tout

There is a substantial difference between having a business model / plan and having a strategy to be in the race with your competitors. The 22 Laws provide an insightful overlook at business history, how the No. 1's got to where they are. A concise book with simple rules recommended to implement now.

3. The Billionaire Secret by Rafael Badziag

When it comes to setting goals and achieving them, The Billion Dollar Secret will certainly recharge your motivation supply. Rafael interviews 20+ billionaires, from which powerful information is withdrawn in regards to the behaviours and routines of the most successful people on the planet. There is a reason why many millionaires don't take their success to the next level. This book highlights the reasons why.

4. The Three Magic Words by Uell Stanley Andersen

Three Magic Words by U. S. Andersen is not necessairly your typical entrepreneur type book, however this content really gives perspective to the power we all possess inside of us. If your just starting out or years into your journey, this book is a great reminder that the goals you set can be reached

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

7 Habits
7 Habits

A very well known book amongst business leaders and entrepreneurs Stephen Covey's 7 habits, will really help you to understand that discipline creates successful habits which in return will see you progressively work towards accomplishing your set targets.

6. How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lownders

How to Talk to Anyone
How to Talk to Anyone

A big part of being at the forefront of your business requires strong communication skills, whether its communicating with your customers or potentially new clients. We heavily recommend understanding in more detail the psychology behind communicating. One lesson you may take away from this book is to listen more intently.

7. When China Rules the World by Martin Jacques

When China Rules the World
When China Rules the World

Martin Jacques provides a fantastically insightful over look at how China has developed over the years becoming one of the strongest economies in the world. Though the context is specific to China, the information is great and will get you thinking how can you scale up? Leaving many questions of how you may begin to forward think for where you would like your business to be.

8. Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing It
Crushing It

As an entrepreneur you may know of Gary Vee, the charismatic personality that he is provides us all with the harsh truth that you really need to embody along your road to success. Stay driven stay focused.

9. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich
Think and Grow Rich

Everyone, and anyone taking the solo road needs this book as part of their life. Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich has been at the pinnacle for centuries. For good reason too this is a book that needs to be read and re-read to push you towards personal success.

10. The 4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss

The 4 - Hour Work Week
The 4 - Hour Work Week

Perhaps you may be in transition to taking the difficult road, or already there but trying to figure out how to approach your journey. The 4 - Hour work week, will really help you to prioritise your time. Tim Ferriss does a great job of giving us a precise and motivational insight into better managing your time,

Thats our list of 10. If you have any other suggestions, as we all know there are thousands of useful books and content out there. Feel free to share your comments with our community.

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