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The power of video testimonials

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Deciding how to reach out to your audience through marketing can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to correctly allocating your time and money. It always a priority to create content that grabs the attention of your target audience without being too pushy.

Connecting with your audience without being too cheesy often require well implemented strategy. The goal is to resonate your story to your audience on a human level, which executed correctly will convert to growth.

Customer Testimonials have been a common tradition, for ways to emphasise the general public's trust and value placed in business. For good reason customer feedback gives a real ground level sense of what other potential customers can expect. Which is provided a high amount of value for those considering to interact or test out the service you provide.

Video testimonials take this value creation to a whole new level. Enabling potential customers to see your ethos, and how you take care of people using your service provides powerful perspective.

We've put together 5 reasons why you should be using video testimonials within your marketing strategy.

1. Videos Grab more Attention than Text

There are many reasons which factor into video content staying on peoples minds. One of the key factors being that video activates emotional centres in parts of the brain which are proven to increase information retention.

Mentioned in many of our posts, there is a commonly cited piece of data that states, People only remember 12% of text in comparison to 95% retention for video.

Powerful content helps people to retain information, which in turn, keeps the benefits of the service or products your provide at the forefront of consumers minds.

Storytelling has its effects on the brain, taking it all the way back to sitting around campfires in the wilderness. Stories of individuals overcoming challenges are extremely irresistible.

A Video Testimonial that is put together well, hits the nail on the head for all the above points. There is a strategy that goes into showcasing consumers reviews without the content looking over staged.

2. Videos Trigger Emotions

As suggested in number one, emotion is the key driver when decision making. Generally we all like to convince ourselves that we make rational decisions. In realty its our emotions that are the true driving force.

Stirring emotions in marketing couldn't be accredited more to video. Text is static and often unemotional. Reading and interpreting text takes a lot more time than watching a video.

Video, hits consumers hearts more directly, much of this all boils down to the phycology of our brains and how they work. Neurons fire both when we do something and when we see someone doing something. The mechanics of it make viewers have an emotional connection to what is being shown through video.

3. Videos are Easily Shared

Video trumps text, especially when it comes to marketing. It's no surprise that people share videos more than text and images. 12x more to be precise.

If your searching for your content to gain the attention of social media, utilising video is the most powerful tool to be used.

Get creative a great story with your testimonial, is the right way to drive a huge number of social shares.

4. Video Testimonials Convert

The content marketing institute asked professional content marketers, which tactics were the most effective for meeting their goals. Cases studies showed that amongst ebooks and white papers, videos comes in top three of the content types that are most used by marketers. This can only be expected to increase in correlation with technology.

Video being utilised for testimonials, is for good reason. They are known to work. When you implement capturing testimonials through video, you create a marketing strategy that drives social interaction. At the same time building real trust and providing value to your potential now converted to paying customers.

Heres a brief example of a video Testimonial were created, and had a lot of fun in the process, hopefully theres enough pointers to take away from our example for you to implement independently:

5. Consumers Trust User Reviews

One of the most important factors to consider, most likely your viewers trust the reviews they come across, they are more likely to invest in your services or products, knowing that others have tried and testing your functionality. This is the key factor to keep in mind when creating a video testimonial. For your video to be effective there needs to be a trustworthy story at the baseline of anything you choose to film.

If you are skilful enough to capture the trustworthiness of any business or service, you'll be utilising one of the most central psychological and powerful concepts in marketing.

Everyone has a voice, but not all are heard. In the world of business and digital marketing, if you truly believe in your product or service. Don't let your message drown amongst all the noise. We hope you find some of our pointers helpful in striving for business growth.

If you require additional help, about the correct ways to execute a video testimonial, do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team is ready to help.

Like to share extra points to consider? Leave your comments below.

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