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Target tracking enables creators to anchor AR-experiences to real world surfaces.

Though we are in a chaotic climate, with much uncertainty, myself and my team have taken affirmative action to move full steam ahead. Creativity can never be stopped, so why should we.

Over the last year, quite some time before the Covid-19 crisis, myself and the Guanxi team had been coming to terms with Spark AR and its capabilities. If you are familiar with social media, you would have most likely came across a variety of the filters that are on offer. In it's early stages, from a creative perspective it came across as a fun gimmick, with what may seem as not much value.

However the more we have been working with AR, we are quite clearly understanding the value it holds, and how this new innovation has broadened beneficial scope for many marketers, business owners and artists.

In early 2018, yes! 2018 Spark AR introduced target tracking, a capability that allows effects to be anchored to static images, logos, signs and pictures. Literally any flat surface in the real world. Through pointing your camera at an image can trigger AR effects.

You now have available a wide selection of innovative filters to choose from. For us it has been an exciting journey and we are now quite versed in the processes involved in creating stunning filters. If your a creator, we heavily recommend studying the uses of target tracking, as this can be a valuable tool to carry into the coming future.

For those brand building, AR filters provide more capabilities for consumers to interact with your business. This is a new type of value which creates memorable impressions. For any business owner you will understand just what these new opportunities hold.

With the ability to tie AR experiences to store fronts, posters, packaging and billboard displays we can begin to see a new type of consumer retention. It unlocks a new opportunity to connect with billions of people, who can now engage with branded content in a new, more immersive way.

Shortly we will begin showcasing some of our completed projects, to give you a better sense of what can be done.

As AR unfolds further you will see, just how creative we are and how we utilise AR to push the boundaries of creativity.

Our goal is to service as many people as possible to bring AR to the world, which is why we are prioritising target tracking projects, while these user experiences are available on a wide range of devices and platforms, we offer the best possible user experience. This ensures that users in any market can consistently access and enjoy the AR effects we create.

The beginning of our journey was heavily focused on static images and face filters, however with the development of Spark AR and target tracking, we have seen the value we can provide to businesses and made the decision to be the best in this area.

The results and feedback we have been receiving is truly exciting, this is a new type of marketing in which if we look at the traditional psychological process at the back end of marketing, this takes things to a new level. Allowing audiences to understand more about your brand in just a small glimpse. Which results in true value creation being able to be more transparent and invite people into your world.

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