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Our Working From Home Top Tips #workfromhome #wfh #toptips #guanxi #homework #quarantine #homeoffice

Due to unforeseen events a lot of us have had our working situations limited and possibly turned upside down. If you've found yourself here in a panic, or in search of a gentle reminder. Take a deep breathe...

Here's a few tips to keep on top working from home:

1) Setting Deadlines (we prefer calling them"live lines")

To start of, we recommend making live lines. Working from home you may find your schedule suddenly or somehow become more relaxed. If your self employed you may not find it as difficult to stay focused but in light of current events. Pen to paper is always powerful. Setting targets and live lines will see you through a productive day.

2)Separate Work Space

There needs to be a sense of separation, especially when taking a break. Creating a space to work will enable you to become more productive when entering a designated space for work. Once you are done for the day pack everything away. So you can physiologically trigger that its time to detach from work

3) Stay Hydrated

It can be very easy to get lost in what you are working on, as a preparation make sure you stay hydrated. Have water near by.

4) Stretch

You may find without your regular commute to work you could spend longer hours sitting. Unless you can schedule in exercise, which we would heavily recommend. During your working from home you will need to take regular stretching breaks. Not only to clear your mind, but to keep your health in priority.

5) Communicate

Now that your home bound, it shouldn't mean no communication. If you are part of a team make sure to reach out even if its to check in. If your team is not so large then find ways to communicate with people in a similar field. LinkedIn is a great start.

6) Take Breaks

Working overboard can often lead to a burnout. Depending on your working style, it could be beneficial to set out a routine. If your the type to overwork extended hours, then make sure to take the time to relax and recharge.

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