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How to use video marketing#videomarketing

We live in a face paced world, everyday we are exposed to high volumes of information. Making continuous decisions, some of which we are not aware of. Now common knowledge to marketers, more people prefer consuming information through video, rather than text, or still imagery. Choosing to make videos part of your marketing strategy is an essential element to increase your growth. Not only does it give you a voice amongst the millions, but provides the opportunity for your target audience to understand your story in more detail. As trends constantly change at a faster rate. Video marketing continues to grow ever more powerful through the times.

Whether your budget is big or small, its always a great idea to begin developing a marketing strategy, which relates to the finer details of your business. This will ensure that you are able to adjust efficiently when facing low traffic or poor brand awareness. We've provided some simple steps which will prove a useful guide to increasing growth.

If after reading our amazing guide, you feel that it is still to nerving, send us a message and a member of the Guanxi Design House team will be more than happy to assist.

1. Develop a Plan

Video marketing is not only great in terms of ROI financially, but will see an increase in brand awareness. To see great results we recommend starting out by allocating your budget. Floundering everything you have on one piece of content, wouldn't be the best idea. To avoid placing other functions of your business in harms way, set the amount your company has to spend aside.

Always plan before taking action, its essential to be realistic about what you are trying to achieve:

  • Think about ways you can create effective content, which can be dissected into many pieces of value. This will save you time and give you multiple pieces of content to be targeted to your audience.

  • Consider how many videos you realistically aim to create per month. ( If you require creative strategy, get in touch).

  • Any journey needs defined goals. Write down what you aim to achieve and track your progress.

  • Think about the social platforms you will choose to promote your videos. (eg. Using LinkedIn to target a more corporate audience, may be more beneficial than TikTok).

2. Know your Target Audience

Finding out the common trends of your target audience will help you to create your content to specifically resonate with your desired crowd. Paying close attention to the behaviour of your audience, will help you create a digital profile. Considering the demographics and studying how much of a population, within your chose area use Snapchat. Is a good indicator wether your marketing strategy will be effective. Conducting this kind of research continually will open the doors to more hammer on the nail kind of marketing.

3. Start Creating

Most commonly this is we're we would come into play. As a full servicing design house, we do provide all necessary resources to conduct effective pre-planning. Once you've got a hold on your audience, their behaviours, key terms and cultural language. Then your at the right point to start creating content. From our first hand experience we often come across clients who have an intended goal, but are not always sure how to get there. We recommend visualising yourself standing amongst the crowd, of those you wish to communicate with before creating content. This will give you the real paradigm shift to effectively communicate value, and draw attention to the human element of your story.

When you've got the idea, start to create a script, or description. A project brief always helps. Think about how long you want the video to be. Even if you are not sure how, its always a good idea to give it a go. If after this effort, you'd prefer for the work to be outsourced, you will be readily equipped with clear perspective to communicate your ideas to a creative team.

To Tie it all Up

The following guide is something we use continually, after several reiterations, these steps become second nature. Even if the creative side of things are not your forte, we still recommending taking the courage to let your story be heard through video marketing.

If your tied down and want to save the time, we'd be more than happy to work together, and provide you with a tailored strategy along with unique content to see your business grow.

Get in touch for more guidance, alternatively, share your video marketing tips below.

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