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How to connect with your Audience as an Entrepreneur

We can all admit that society as a whole is being bombarded with somewhat tacky sales pitches, with cliché slogans, and buzz sentences like "do you want to earn x amount in x amount of time" or "I earned x in 20 days sign up for my mentorship to do the same". These kind of ads and throw away marketing campaigns are being flooded into every social platform.

We take a look into the best ways to stand out amongst the crowd.

Yes extremely annoying content, which is in our opinion diluting the power of marketing. Anyone has access to create paid ads, and rough cut marketing campaigns which has opened the window wide to connect with people you may never had reached.

With so many platforms giving quick guides to make the most out of our social media advertising budgets. It is rare to come across that talk about creating genuine connections with your audience.

We know how difficult it can be to create a presence on social media, and understand the relentless work that it takes. So by no means are we shedding negative light on anyones efforts. We all have to start somewhere. This content is to drive the thought to be a little conscious with the way you marketing your business.

So how can it be done? We have listed a few essentials to begin creating better connections

1. Stay Consistent

It may seems a slight contradiction, but yes you do need to post regularly. Your presence needs to be made therefore you will need to post everyday to really build a following. However we don't want to focus on the number of followers and likes, we want to encourage you to build followers that truly connect to your business. For this to happen the content you create needs to come from a place of genuine interest and passion.

2. Interact

Whenever the opportunity presents itself to form a communication with someone or a group of people, take it. You can create a strong presence through interacting with your audience on a deeper level. Approach from a passion core will provide you the drive to connect in new ways. This can often lead to a buzz that encourages others to join in.

3. Be Authentic to Yourself

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, then later found the information taken from the discussion not to be true. It doesn't look or feel nice. In the Entrepreneur world you often come across people who through around trendy words, or act to know much more then they actually do.

Though part of learning its always best to be transparent and authentic to what your core beliefs are.

Try to make a regular habit of writing down your core beliefs, and take time to self reflect and adjust, re adjust your moral compass to becoming a great entrepreneur.

To do this list:

Why do you do what you do?

What do you want to achieve and when?

Who do you want to connect with and want to help?

How can you be of service to others to create a better difference in their lives?

Trying to write these down regularly you will find even when communicating you will begin to listen attentively and form bonds on a whole new level.

5. Content is King

You may have heard Gary Vee mentioning that content is king several times, as well as content does not have to be perfect.There is no lie here, we all have to luxury of deleting content that we might not feel happy with whenever we want. We heavily recommend before creating any content to your audience, ask yourself what purpose does this content serve to my audience.

Let us know how you get on implementing these pointers, and we wish you the best of success.

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