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How to Be an Entrepreneur | Guanxi's Essential Guide

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Whether your just starting out, or already miles ahead, on what may seem like a never ending road. Perusing your goals and building a strong company has its challenges.

We've put together, what we like to consider top tips for staying focused during the turbulence of an entrepreneurs life.

Have a plan, don't be afraid to adjust

7 Golden Eggs for Great Entrepreneurship

We have complied 7 Golden Eggs. Gold Eggs are easy to remember a way of embedding a ritual, there isn't more truth than in the saying that habits create routines. Successful Golden Habits repeated daily will ensure that you are soaring into the right direction

1 Start With What You Love

You need to love what you are doing . This might sound simple, but there are several layers to this first golden rule. Be so affected (in love) with what you do that you eat sleep and breathe this field. Have a constant desire to learn more and grow within what you love. To reach your goals you will have to work hard, taking time to understand your field. Continually Mastering Your Craft. Long hours are debatable, however the fact most companies follow a 9-5 model 40 hour work week, you will find that the solo ship won't sail without the extra wind.

More about doing what you love:


2 Write Your Goals Constantly

When you write things down it enables a higher level of thinking, resulting in more focused action... For this reason, writing things down can help your brain prioritise which you should focus on and act on at any given moment. We especially like this Golden Egg, for it is tried and tested. Start with writing a list of 10 goals you would like to achieve. Make these goals specifically orientated to pushing yourself and your idea forward. Try writing them down everyday for 30 days. This is our challenge to you.

We highly recommend taking your knowledge on this golden rule further by reading No Excuses of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy.

3 Plan, Routine, Don't Stop

Every idea or business venture needs a plan. "If you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail" - James H. Hope. You will find that plans will change constantly and fast, but it essential to have a penciled framework. Have a target to aim for, failures are a big part of being an entrepreneur, if you wallow over your failures it can be a little difficult to start out. However the faster you act and redirect your goals the more resilient you will become. To build up this characteristic within yourself, create a routine that best suit you and your business. A routine that promotes yourself becoming a sharp double edged sword. The routine should always prioritise moving you toward your goals. Different strokes for different folks, but we recommend starting off with waking up early.

4 Discipline Self - Respect

Shower yourself with Positive Self Talk

This will soon become part of your routine, you will need to be able to motivate yourself when things are rocky and take care of your self using positive self talk.

Think of yourself as a plant, plants need their essentials to grow. Water, air, nutrients, light, space. Anything other than a plants essential will not promote healthy growth. It can be easier said then done, which is why from now on you respect yourself. Stand tall with your shoulders back. When you set a task, work on doing exactly what you set out. Doing what you set out promotes self confidence, you will begin to trust yourself more when you know how powerful your words are. If you say something and don't act on it you are only fooling yourself. Don't be a plant that doesn't grow. You will make for an unattractive house. Get in the habit of being the best version of yourself, and act fast.

5 Create The Right Team

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

This one might be one of the most difficult Golden Eggs, this task often takes time, and relationships develop with trust. You might not always know when someone is the right fit for your team. Team work certainly makes the dream work. You need to put yourself out there, and communicate more than you ever have. Now that you have written your goals down, you have a clear direction to communicate to potential team members. You set the criteria for what you are looking for, but take it from us you need protrude the energy of a focused leader for your team to follow in your footsteps. Even though you might wear several hats you can learn from those around you bounce ideas and have people better skilled in other areas to help bring you closer to success. With building a team we say follow your heart, If a connection with someone feels good in the heart then work on it. Don't be afraid if it doesn't work out theres plenty more people on our planet.

6 Listen More than you Speak

You need to get good at communicating. Being able to listen closely to those around you, to information you need for your business to grow. You will soon develop the skill of filtering out nonsense. The more you proactively listening when you decide to speak you will be communicating accurately and careful. Listening is a difficult skill but that takes time to master, try it out every conversation you have listen to what your counterpart is saying deeply. The people will notice your detail to communication and in turn gravitate towards you.

7 Manage Your Profit

This golden egg is essential for any idea to take off. You need to begin to see money as energy. Remove the negative paradigms you may of had before, about receiving money. If you provide a product or service you deserve to be reciprocated for the energy you put in. Its not about money its about the true value you bring to others. There is no good business without helping people. Once you have cash flow, you need to be in control of your finances, don't let the finances control you. Be proactive to budget and manage your money. In turn you can better help your team and those around you.

There you have it....The Guanxi 7 Golden Eggs for Entrepreneurship. There may be some eggs you would like to change or swap. We suggest you make a start now. Let go of your fears and serve your purpose to the world. Start with 30 days, and let us know how you get on.

From the team at Guanxi we wish you all the best on your endeavours.

Leave a comment below of what entrepreneur golden tips work for you

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