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How to be a Good Film Director (part 3)

The finale in our three part article, gives you the complete guide to what it takes to be a good film director.

1) A quick recap of parts 1 and 2 heres the list of tips we have covered so far:

2) Clear Direction

3) Don't Always Stick to the Script

4) Study Other Styles to Learn Yours

5) Take Your Time and Be Efficient

6) Find a Clear Way to Communicate Your Goal

7) Friends Can Make Your Life Easier

8) Viewfinders Are Super Helpful On Set

9) Spend Your Time Wisely

10) Avoid Fights On Set

For more details on the following check our previous posts part 1 and 2 where we cover these tips in more detail.

So to end this series we add our final tips, now you have gathered a sense of what you can expect and how to handle your next shoot.

10) Stay Hydrated

Yes you read it right, when on set it can be easy to be consumed by the process where you will forget to eat, drink and even breathe at times. Make sure to keeping yourself hydrated and energised to see you all the way through.

11) Don't Worry About Gear

We always say make the most of what you have, there is no point worrying over what you don't have on set so talk to your crew try to figure out what can be done, and whats off limits. Setting this out from early perhaps before the day of shooting will help you iron out the details.

12) Respect and Take Care of Your Team

Take care of your pack, as the leader your team members will have opinions, concerns and questions. Focusing on your task means focusing on them too, This is a tip or golden rule if you like that has been irritated continually throughout this series. For good reason too.

13) Actors Need Motivations, Not Just Marks

Careful to avoid falling into to a trap of getting strung on grandiosity, if it is not accustom to you giving direction to actors and team members you may find it strange. With practice and search for knowledge you will find the best ways of communicating to get your point across, without burning bridges.

14) Be the Ultimate People Person

It really is a the key to being a great director, the ability to get on with team members is where the beauty is to be found. If you can master the art of getting others to think of your ideas as their own then your on a smooth road to success. We recommend taking up the following book, Never Split the Difference - by Chris Voss Though its not about film, but more about communication it will serve as a useful tool on your endeavours.

15) Get It Done and Move On

We like the idea of having a checklist, you may be familiar with seeing famous directors with a clipboard to hand.Dealing with what you've planned and facing whats in front you getting things done quickly and moving on will see you to "its a wrap" hopefully smoother than you anticipate.

We hope you have enjoyed this series, please be sure if you haven't already to check our previous post to get full details of tips 1 - 15.

If you have any suggestions, share with our growing community and leave your ideas below.

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