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How to be a Good Film Director (part 2)

Heres a continuation from our previous deep dive into useful tips for being a great film director.

Whether your experience or just starting out The Guanxi Design Team have put together 10 more useful tips to keep you on top of your production.

6) Friends Can Make Your Life Easier

Its useful to have everyone on board when directing, which you will come to find can be difficult. Their difference of opinions or ways of executing a task can cause friction. Being clear and assertive on your decision is crucial to get the job done. Its important to set a great example for how you would like your team to conduct work. Then perhaps they may forgive your for the harsh outbursts to keep the orchestra playing in harmony.

7) Viewfinders Are Super Helpful On Set

Being able to see whats going on is crucial, at the end you will need to ensure the pieces of the jigsaw are being moulded. Without a viewfinder you most probably will be breathing down the DP's neck all shoot, which can take away from the flow of work. Being able to have viewfinders on set enable you to concentrate on the frame, angles and movement. You will be in a better position to direct when you can focus on what is being shot.

8) Spend Your Time Wisely

Learning how to focus on whats crucial will be a huge help to you. Taking time to prioritise whats important and what needs to happen will help you make crucial decisions down the line. Being able to balance the right amount of time for communicating and silence to shoot is a thin thread. Having the time taken to get to know your actors, getting into their minds to better help lead them to what needs to be shown in camera, is where a lot of time outside of shooting day will need to be implemented.

9) Avoid Fights On Set

A big task is to avoid is rifts between your team members. Even though you will do your best to keep everyone on your wavelength, keeping control of communication and relationship between your team is a challenge in itself. The best way we found through experience is to set the bar high. Have a brief meeting before shooting, almost like a team huddle, to keep everyone motivated and set the intention of the communication you expect from everyone. Let it be known of the task at hand and the focus needed by all to pull it off.

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any more suggestions, leave your pointers below.

If you would like the first 5 tips visit our blog page to have tips 1 -9.

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