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finding success #motivation

We may all be currently experiencing challenges emotionally during this time. The pursuit of goals still remains, but from time to time you may think "How am I ever going to overcome this?"

This often happens to me, sometimes coming across days where I feel less motivated. I think it commonly happens to us all especially with putting tasks off for a later time.

"To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you." - Tony Dorsett

The road to success is long and continuous, so how do you find a resolute, especially in times of chaos for all?

In a interesting interview Ed Mylett conducted with Tom Bilyeu; Tom touches on a very important subject of the benefits of experience pain, and moving through these obstacles.

This certainly resonated with my experiences. On reflection, taking a step back to see the hurdles placed in front of me and how I got through them. I believe it starts with taking control of your reality.

As sad as it may seems in our day to day lives, we are bombarded with content and information, which aids taking control out of our hands.

Especially during this time you may feel theres not much you can do. However first realising that you have a choice. A choice to control what you think, as well as what your mind becomes subject too.

Moving towards and through fear is a big lesson I've had to learn along this road. A lesson that can only be learnt through time. But a very much clear message to not give in.

I have come to realise, that I am in control of my results, happiness, health and all aspects of my life. Regardless of the circumstances.

I decided to become the owner of my every day. Which takes a tenacity and persistence, to gear yourself up to face struggles with a positive mindset. I now have learned many lessons which have made me feel confident and become a winner.

I am grateful daily that I have the opportunity to bring abundance to others, with tremendous opportunities ahead of me.

Whenever I feel like things are falling apart, with no signs of getting through, I refer back to my goals, in which are included powerful affirmations. One that resonates with me.

This keeps me grounded and focused on my desired outcome.

"I live a balanced, full and happy life through exuberayting love; and use my experiences to help others go after what they desire. Expanding my consciousness far and beyond the person I know myself to be."

If your just starting out, or a full fledge entrepreneur. It is so important to have something inspiring to hold onto.

A goal card or reference makes something real and tangible. I recommend giving it a try and if you can come back to your reference daily.

The simple things in life should never be under estimated. I have found this small method never fails to keep on striving towards your goals. Not only making success more apparent, but bring all the resources you need into place.

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