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Engage the right audience with animated video #animation

Motion Graphics are currently one of the most powerful ways to bring your story to life. You can give your audience a dynamic sense of your story, and engage your audience in more personalised ways. The Beauty of Animated Content is that it is versatile in targeting your audience, anytime and place.

Animation turns the most complex of concepts to full realisation. Magically changing Mundane or less sort after services down to a more personal level to really resonate with your target audience.

Utilising Animated content, strips away the limitations of live-action video, whilst as we are a full servicing design house, we wouldn't discredit alternative avenues. However in real time, we have been able to see the beneficial effects of Animation in action.

With more freedom to create from scratch you are able to express a broader perspective. Meticulously crafting characters, context and tone in unique, tailored and fun ways, to add a real vibrant flair to your message for your target audience.

Using the endless creative possibilities of animation, you can tackle emotionally tough concepts similar to an example we crafted below:

Turning the appreciation of coffee lovers into now coffee fanatics. Portraying what in a broader scheme, would be years of history and complexity into content that is not only powerfully concise but now fun and engaging.

Animation helps to tackle difficult subjects, using artistic representations and moulded characters. Uncomfortable decision can be easily neutralised. There is less worry about race, age, gender and you are able to tailor your message to target your specific audience. This can involved several targeted layers without one piece of content.

Animated content is able to speak on numerous levels yet in powerful ways untie us all. The freedom to choose the right tone wether it be for children, or a more corporate professional style for institutions and more traditional business are just one of the many benefits.

Animated videos come in a whole range of incredible shapes and sizes, all of which Guanxi Design House provide such as:

  • 2D Animation

  • 3D Animation

  • Vector Animation

  • Whiteboard Animation

  • Hand-drawn Animation

  • Stop-motion Animation

  • High-end Watercolour Animation

  • Hyperrealist Animation

With the full creative control from start to finish, animation production is more flexible to bend to your desires.

Whatever the core of your message may be, from extremely complex to simple. There is always a style of animation that will suit you.

Why Does Animation Work so Well?

Animation holds a number of powerful gems, we have come to find the real key is in the results which enable you to connect your audience to your intended concept, whilst injecting an increase of dopamine into the brain. Animated videos have a higher level of engagement than live action. The more basic the animation the more easy we are to engage.

Through the design of unique characters we are able to more finitely trigger emotions. Effectively, animation enables more ease when targeting your audience to align with your story and brand.

The impact animation has on brand campaigns far exceeds that of live action and text alone.

Animated videos have been shown to boost engagement, and increase conversion rates by an average of 20%.

This means it makes the perfect platform to deliver everything from toughest of emotional concepts, as well as everything in between.

Animated video is the right choice when imagination, engagement, budget consideration, and connection really matter.

Guanxi Design House teams utilise the Power of Animation to help our clients imaginatively and precisely tell their stories. Bringing their brand to life, and adding vibrance to their products and services.

We take immense pride in tailoring specific strategy to suit your needs. Our process is client focused taking meticulous steps to learn more about what you and your story, to home in on the value you create.

If creating a legacy is your idea of exciting growth, then get in touch and we can begin adding a motion of vibrance to your story together.

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