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Converting your Social Engagement to Real Sales (Face -to Face vs Online)

Over the past few months we have taken on a venture to investigate the results of face - to - face business interactions vs online networking.

Though both have their benefits and cons, we have decided to compile an article to present our findings. Hopefully this will give you clear insight into approaching your business interactions.

On beginning it might be worth looking into the all important steps to acquiring new business.

As an entrepreneur we recommend staying in the know regarding business ventures.

On investigating this all important question, we came to find the importance to proactively engaging with our audience via social media. Mainly so that your brand grows as a presence in the minds of those near and far. This leaves the question of how many online engagements convert into actual business.

According to The Formation Company there are a few important steps to converting your online audience to tangible sales.

We implemented these all important steps, and came to find with social media the most essential tool, is being able to measure results.

When analysing your content, you can then gauge how to better tailor your message in order to communicate with the right people. Once at this point there is no real guide to converting you prospects to customers. It then requires to know how to not be over "salesy". Which online can be a difficult task to achieve.

After fighting through the process, to have insight who specifically is interested in what you are presenting. How then do you take this interest to the next level. It can be easy to be on a quest to receive the validation from your prospects that you might be possibly onto something.

Which becomes the illusive quest to hear and see your audience queue demanding your service, product and say yes.

We found that a sense of self-awareness is needed to pull yourself away in order to really look into your audience and their personal stories. With the first aims to convert a virtual engagement into personal, there needs to be that effort to transition from the digital to real life.

We found this takes really allowing your audience to present their interest and what brought them to you,

This is the first step at helping your audience to feel more comfortable. To get past this hurdle we heavily recommend making "Never Split the Difference" - By Chris Voss your bible for the next few weeks.

You will find that this book will help to mould your perspective to one in which you can take more of a back seat in pushing for what you want. A moment to really analyse the engagement and master how to really present what you want to lead the horse for a better term to the water and drink.

Its really no debate, that interacting face to face trumps online engagement. You are able to analyse body language and respond instantly to change the direction of conversation.

We also put this to the test, through attending more networking events. Through observation we found the same wall of protecting online audiences have you will find the same face to face.

Research gathered shows that taking a keen interest in the opportunity to talk to others, and presenting a passion to learn from others, people pick up on the opportunity to talk more about themselves. Becoming more of an open book.

It can come with is disadvantages when being so curious into other peoples stories, we found a sense of grandiosity protrude from those doing the talking, where in which conducting business can put you on the back foot.

There is a fine balance between being on an equal playing field, when initially presenting any kind of deal. And being at a disadvantage. The key we found is to be calm and work through communication until your prospect is presenting to you the benefits of creating a deal with your company.

Anyone can say yes, so we advise don't get caught up in the search for yes. More so try to have your prospects present to you how a deal with you would work. Allow them the freedom to find the answers and create the deal they desire when working with you.

What you will find is a sense of peace that your prospect is coming into business with you on their terms which you have planted as seeds which in tern are as close to the terms you actually desired.

This is the real art of converting any prospect to real customers.

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