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Closing deals over zoom

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The sudden shift to working remotely, has seen many of us spending a lot more time on zoom. Now much of a necessity, we have all had to become accustom to virtual interaction more frequently. It may feel unnatural, and most likely took a few weeks to adjust to. Now we're in a position that it's neither a phone call, or the most preferred face to face meeting.

This doesn't mean the usual dealings of business need to stop. I have tried and tested on a few occasions different strategies for closing deals via zoom. Some of which didn't go to well, and others brilliantly. From this experience I've listed a points to try incorporating:

1. Body Language

Just as impactful as face -to- face interactions, the positives zoom provides are that luckily we still have to ability to utilise body language.

A good start would to Nod more often or not. It goes without saying, that nodding is the body language of encouragement, which allows of open and more engaging communication from others.

It can be easy to forget such a simple body gesture, especially in the comfort of your home. We can easily focus in on who's speaking, thinking they might not actually be looking at us. So I would recommend interacting with whoever is talking at the time, just as you would if they were in front of you.

2. Take Notes

Taking notes whilst someone is talking is truly powerful. I've seen first hand how this encourages speakers to be more open and honest. It gives them a sense of importance and a closer connection to you.

It also comes in handy for noting clinical information. This enables you to slow the pace of the conversation, with effective points share for making a better deal.

3. Allow room for others

In face to face deal making, locations and the environment can set a tone for the meeting. For example if invited to my office, your less likely to make bold statements or less likely to trigger discomfort. (which is not a good way to approach deal making btw).

In virtual meetings allowing others to speak, encouraging them to have the freedom to ask questions or share further ideas more frequently, will give your counterpart a sense of control, with which comes comfortability.

Admittedly, it does take a lot of practice to determine wether you will need to talk less or more. Generally creating a safe place for your counterpart to share as much as possible will work in your favour.

4. Exert your Energy

Standing can be a great way to illustrate your passion. A standing desk is highly recommended. Besides several studies indicating the increase of productivity when standing, taking your meeting standing will increase your confidence, especially when it comes to flattening major elephants in the room.

With your increased level of energy, others will be encouraged to meet you where you are. To work collaborative for creating a better deal.

Just because things have changed drastically, it doesn't mean you need to stop growing and improving. Go forth and begin creating better relationships!

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