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GXI is a full servicing creative agency,

we help both B2B and B2C companies grow revenue, retain audience attention, reducing the complexity to creative experiences and campaigns.


The Guanxi Creative Framework

1. Dig for Diamonds

We take a deep dive to find the true value behind your business. Every story is unique and deserves acute attention.

2. Build creative Strategy

Highlighting your value, we develop creative solutions to optimise, attract and covert your targeted audience.

3. Win on Brand

Position and develop brand affinity. Through offering post project management, data analysis for lower costing customer acquisition.

powerful results across your revenue cycle

With your growth as our main priority, you'll see benefits across the entire revenue cycle. There's no greater impact then creativity and representing your business with clarity.

Win rate


Guanxi subscription services cut sales cycles and increase win rate.

Pipeline Created (AAR)


Our creative process, and distribution will see you producing greater conversions. 

Increase customer retention

Rapid and effective content distribution

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Brand Stability

Campaign Planning & Creative Guidance

Marketing sourced revenue


With after sales guidance we help you utilise your new lead funnel to improve your internal CRM.



All of our projects begin with helping clients solve a problem. We believe our clients truth's are what make them valuable. Working collaboratively we use our creative expertise to bring our clients core values to the forefront of any creative campaign. 

Creative Capabilities


Motion Design



Augmented Reality

Sasha Morozova, Marketing VP

With Guanxi, we now make clear and better decisions about acclerating growth. They have specialised expertise when it comes to creative solutions. 

Adam Bui, CEO

Guanxi's subscription services enable me access to premium creative content, uniquely moulded to my needs. I have seen an immense rate of growth and love my new community,

Rosa Matheson, PR Stratigest

My clients come from many different professions, I have never seen an impact greater than the AR branding Guanxi created. I am truly speechless.

Dramatically improve marketing ROI

Let's grow together

Ready to see how  creating beyond horizons can accelerate

growth for you? You'll work directly with our creative team,

to learn how our creative framework can help you:

Increase customer retention

Rapid and effective content distribution

Brand Stability

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